Missing Money

I was 13 or 14 years old. We lived at our late grandma's old house in the Philippines. That house had two levels and upstairs were several rooms but at night, my mom all gathered us in one room to sleep, which was really huge and spacious enough to accommodate all my siblings including my Mom. Before bedtime we all said our family prayers then spread a huge mat and covered it with thick blankets.

We also hung our mosquito nets in four corners to protect us from mosquito bites. In the morning, upon waking, we then folded our blankets and mosquito net, rolled the mat and piled all the pillows in one corner of the room.

One afternoon, when I got home from school I went upstairs and changed from my school clothes to play clothes, then started doing my daily chores of watering the plants, feeding the animals, sweeping the yard, etc. Afterwards, I went upstairs and did my homework. Next, it was time for me to relax and have a snack. I loved going to the corner store where there are varieties to choose from.

I used my left over money from school which my Mom gave me on a daily basis as my allowance to buy snack at the cafeteria during recess time. I didn't spend all my money in the cafeteria because I always saved some to spend at the corner store.

When it was time for me to go to the store, I placed my hand on my pocket to get the money ..but it wasn't there! I knew that I just placed it there when I changed clothes. I looked around and searched on my stuff but I didn't find it. I kept looking and looking but it was nowhere. I felt so frustrated and tired, I jumped on our pile of pillows in the corner and started to cry.

I cried for several minutes then I closed my eyes, buried my face on the pillows and started to feel sleepy. I didn't sleep though, after I felt a bit released from crying, I just thought of going downstairs to get any snack in the refrigerator. As I opened my eyes, I was so shocked to see the missing paper bill that I had been looking for earlier was in my left hand.

I wondered how did that money get into my hand. Why didn't I feel anything in my hand when I was crying earlier. I paused for a moment trying to figure out what happened to me. Was I dreaming? Was I hallucinating? Did I find the money and just forgot that I found it and placed it in my hand. NO! The money was missing and something supernatural just happened to me. I wasn't feeling afraid at all after what happened, as a matter of fact, I got so excited, and immediately went to the corner store and spent all my money on snacks!

Everytime I think of that event in my life, I cann't help it but it brings a smile and I thank my guardian angel for helping me find my missing money!