Traumatic Time

About 3 years ago, a friend of mine went through a traumatic time in her life she lost the love of her life he commited suicide one afternoon & no one expected a thing... She told every she's going to wait 2 months & also do the same... I was worried because her boyfriend's cousin also commited suicide in February that year and so he could not cope with that & in Apr that year did the same (2 months apart) My friend was not coping so the last week just before the 2 months would be over, one night while I was asleep something in my gut told me to open my eyes. I did and next to my bed stood her boyfriend; he wore blue jeans with a blue shirt that had a superman logo on the front.

It was a clear vision, he stood there smiling at me so I knew he was happy & that he wanted my freind to know that..

We did not speak we only looked at each other for that few seconds then I closed my eyes when I reopened them it was dark & he was gone... I was a little frightend but soon after I felt this calmness in me... I went to school the next day & warned her other friends to keep a close eye this week to not let her out of sight.

On her Birthday in June I told her about that night when I saw him. She was full of questions like is he happy or sad or how did he look.

Luckely I could answer from what I felt when he was there I could reassure her that he wants her to move on. I believe to this day he used me to communicate with her because he died in such a terrifying way & he knew there would be a lot of questions. For that few seconds I could understand why he did it & that he is happier now, I just needed to let his loved ones know....