I Prayed

I had a person who sang background In my band. She had gotten hit by a van. Well, I am a praying person so every day while she was in a comma I prayed.

She was coming to see me that evening to speak about music.

Well, after so many weeks of praying I decided to go for a walk because I have not been out in so long from thinking and praying. A man in black pants that were cut up from the bottom walked up and said in my ear In French, "sava" which means "It's ok".

When I looked back to see him and to ask him why he said that he was gone!

I ran back to my flat and as I opened the door the phone rang. It was my manager telling me that my friend had awoken from her comma. You know after that experience I Love God's word even more!

God Bless
Marla Glen