Saying Goodbye

As I was growing up we always climbed the pear tree in Paw-Paw's back yard. The pears always the best pears. Finally the tree stopped producing pears. Then about ten years later, Paw-Paw was diagnosed with cancer. He was surrounded by the entire family on final day.

I was so sad about the whole situation that I went outside with some family members to take a breath. When we were out there my Paw-Paw passed away. The next day I was walking to the barn out back with a dear friend and we stopped under the pear tree. I told her how bad I felt for not telling my Paw-PAW goodbye.

She said "Tell him now." So I did. I'll never forget what I said: "Paw-Paw, I am so sorry for not being beside you when you joined Jesus. I love you so much. Now I am saying goodbye." Then I told my friend, "I wish there was a way that I would know he heard me." All of a sudden a soft breeze started to blow and the tree started to sway slightly. A single branch drooped down and hanging directly in front of me was the most beautiful, perfect pear I have ever seen. I reached out my hand and picked the pear, with tears streaming, but a huge smile plastered across my fase, and took it to the house. I cut the pear and ate it with my little cousin so he could have a piece of the blessing.