About ten years ago, when I was Fifteen, I had a miscarriage. I did not know at the time I was pregnant. I was very young and did not make wise decisions. I always prayed to Jesus and my parents sent me off to Church on different occasions, but didn't raise me strictly in Church. After the miscarriage, I had a dream. I was walking into a library and all of the sudden, the walls, floor, ceiling, everything turned white. I remember looking ahead of me and I saw a canopy bed with people standing all around it and candles lit all around it. I walk slowly towards the bed and once I reach the bed, I see a quilt of Jesus. The people standing around the bed began to blow out the candles and walk away in a single filed line. I lay on the bed crying, saying " NO! Don't take him away". The next thing you know, the people faded away and Jesus is holding me while I am crying. He says "Shhh! Everything is going to be ok and I will always be here for you. Have fun at your birthday part this week." Then he got up and walked away and I lay there crying. I did have a sixteenth birthday party the following weekend. I will never forget that dream, even though I know it was real. He is still right over my shoulder till this day.

Thank you Jesus! Tonya Estrada