Cloud of Cheribum

One Sunday I arrived at my church early to pray for my family, especially for my father who had been excessively abusive, physically and emotionally. The night before, my brother shared his tale of yet another incident and in church I asked Jesus for understanding. We were all obedient, loving children who didn't deserve to be crushed and humiliated and were struggling with the commandment to Honor Thy Father. My heart felt very heavy.

Suddenly after staring above the alter, all faces of various saints appeared to move and soon a golden cloud of Cheribum angles formed. In response to my inner suffering, I heard Jesus' deep booming voice echoing "I am so sorry for you." It was as if my suffering was multiplied a hundred fold in Jesus' heart. This incident stunned me, and I thought, Jesus, you don't have to feel this sad for me, but I am so glad you do. I felt very comforted and as I lined up for Holy Communion, a surge of ecstasy enveloped me and I struggled with all my will to avoid peeling out a cry of joy, like a bird singing, and flaying myself on the floor in unbearable ecstasy.