The Visitor

My Dad is the one who was visited by Angels right before he died. This is how he explained what he saw.

He had been very sick. His heart was giving out on him. The Drs. wanted him in the Intensive care unit, but he insisted on going home. On Wednesday, the Drs. said okay, you could go home. I'll get you a hospital bed sent over and just rest and take it easy. Knowing they couldn't do anything to help him anyway.

Early Sunday morning, around 3:00 a.m., Mom and Dad got up. She was having trouble with her back and he couldn't rest well either. He sat on the side of the bed and she had gone into the kitchen to take her medication. When she returned he told her about this man who had just been in his room. He said he was an older man and was holding a light. He reaches out his hand for Dad to take and he didn't take it. He as afraid he would take him with him.

So, he didn't sleep well the rest of the night worrying about the visitor.

On Monday night, he had another visitor. This time it was a young boy. He said, "Mr. Kassor, are you having trouble sleeping?" Dad said, "yes." The boy then said he wanted to sing him a song and did. Dad said it was the most beautiful song he had ever heard and it put him right to sleep. Making him have the best nights sleep in a long time. Dad died on Wednesday morning.

We know now it was Angels and are sure he is in Heaven right now with all the Angels.