Father's Scent

My father passed a way about almost three years ago. I recieved a call from my aunt becca that my dad was in the hospital and that they were taking him off the life support. I dropped my phone and fell to the floor. I cried like a little baby begging god not to take my father. I arrived at the hospital and saw my father trying to fight for his life and saw that he was just miserable.

The doctors came in the room and said that they were ready to take him off the life support. I asked everyone first if there was any way we could save him. I didn't want to lose my father. The doctors said that they were ready to take him off life support. When they finally did everyone cried and I took it very hard.

Everyone left the room and I stayed. I laid over my father hugging him telling I loved him .. I felt a warm brush like he wrapped his arms around me. As months went by I kept hearing his voice and the smell of his scent the day he passed away when I would fall asleep.

Just recently I prayed to god and my father. Early one morning I smelled his scent. I looked at the clock and it was 01:09 am and it didn't scare me or anything because I remembered the scent and I knew it was father.

I do not know if he was present at that time but I believe it was his way of communicating with me. I think he was letting me know that he heard my prayers.

I believe in god's powers and I believe that there are angels all around. I just thought it was odd that I remembered my fathers exact scent from three years ago and just recently I was thinking of my father and a man comes into a fast food restaurant and he looked just identical to my father. I had tears coming down my face. I wanted to run up to him and hug him but I thought I was imagining it so I know it is his way of letting me know that he is around and that he is watching over us.