Valleys & Hills

I went through a stage of dreaming whereby - I was reading a Book on Angels and as I started to get deeper into the book I started having dreams about the book. So - I would have a dream and the next morning I would read some more only to find out that was the dream I had just had. It was always showing as Valleys & Hills. Next was Red flashing swords & then there was a giant Spiral. All within the hill / valley.

After that it went on to floating whereby I was always wearing a pale blue gown and ended up sitting at the back of some giant room like the back of a church or something - there were lots of books in there. I would float past people who were lying in beds and being encouraged by others wearing the same colours of blue.

It's stopped for quite a while. Now, just recently I have started to dream of floating towards Mary in the sky each time I get a little bit closer and it always happens around I now because I am always startled and wake up - look straight at the clock.