One day I was feeling very down and depressed so I fell asleep in my bed. I was still not over my rape and had a lot of emotional scars that needed to be healed. I prayed very hard that week and that's when my precious Jesus answered me. As I slept something woke me. It felt like a strong warm hug. I opened my eyes and saw the outline of a being. A bright being. Then I heard a warm laugh. It was a re-assuring laugh. It made me feel the ultimate peace and the message I received in my heart so strongly was. "Silly girl, why do you doubt me? I am here. I love you. Wait, I am not finished.

Years have passed and my relationship with Jesus Christ has grown. Not only has he been there but he has NEVER let me down. And I have never been disappointed. God is a merciful and loving God and even though I was experiencing so much of his love. I began to doubt him again. I got very depressed again, and extremely discouraged. I had made some bad choices and I wondered if God even loved me still.

I went out to lunch one day and picked up a drink. The drinks had little scribes under the cap and jokes as well. But I did not expect to find what I did. As I was opening the cap I remember thinking to myself, Lord please please please help me. I opened my drink and thoughtlessly looked at the cap, and it said plain and bold, "I'M WITH YOU GIRL"

My heart jumped! God is such a beautiful, caring, and Loving God. I hope that you all can look past all the angels and spiritual mamba jamba and see who truly matters. GOD IS THE ONLY ONE YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON. Our Angels are blessing, spirit guides or not, that is not who we need to pray to with our problems! GOD IS THE ANSWER! PRAISE HIM! Lean On him! Trust him!