Grandpa's Warning

When I was a teenager I was completely unruly and had no guidance from my mother as she worked all the time, and my father was nowhere since the time I was born. But thank God for Grandpa, the only sort of structure or guidance I ever had.

One-day grandpa called and asks me to come see him. Oh man what had I done now!

I went immediately cause of the urgency in his voice. He asked me if I had been around my auntie's house. Lying I replied no. He said "Granddaughter don't lie this is important"! I knew he knew I was lying. He continued saying he had a "dream" that I was in my auntie house, which he described to a tee, but had never been there due to hating her husband. He proceeded to tell me her husband was very bad and sick man. Which I already knew. Then he told me in his dream a swat team was assembling around the house, but he could see me sitting inside with my aunt. Then he said they busted through the door and arrested everyone including myself.

Now grandpa had other "dreams in my life that had come to pass, so I knew I better listen. But in my unruly teenage head I somehow thought I could disregard his warning.

The next day I stopped at my aunties, but feeling very unnerved and Grandpa's warning echoing in my head. I felt like Ii needed to leave immediately. So Ii made an excuse for my short visit and Ii left. Walking out the back door I could feel a hundred eyes on me. Or at least that's what it felt like. Then later that day I got a call from my Aunt telling me thankfully I left in the nick of time, swat had busted in 3 minutes after I left.

The feeling of a hundred eyes on me was the swat team, apparently hidden well. Why had God sent my Grandpa a warning to save me? A bad kid, I guess he knew I would grow up to be a better person and a true believer in God and his power.

Thanks for listening.