Taste of Heaven

I think I had a little taste of heaven. I Dreamed I was at my home where I grew up my mom and dad were there my two sisters and two brothers. They were small children. I walked into the kitchen, sat down at the table there was a picture of my deceased brother Wetzel on the table. I looked at his picture and began to cry feeling this pain I said to myself that's enough I have to now let go. I then got up went up stairs to my room and lied down on my bed. I looked out the window and then I left my body and floated out into the big blue sky onto a bed of flowers. I rolled over a couple of times feeling such a sense of love and peace. I recall this huge red flower brushing against my cheek.

Than instantly I was on the ground the place looked like an old western town. I had on this really old fashion dress It was brown with golden lace around the sleeves and around the bottom. As I walked there were others in the distance looking at me, I continued to walk then to my left was a women standing with her back to me as I approached her she then turned around her face was peaceful and loving. I had a strong sense she was an angel. She was wearing the same dress. she stared into my eyes for a moment than telepathically speaking nodded and looked at the top of my head saying that's beautiful well done. I continued to walk then to my left was a very old full length mirror. I was very curious as to what was on my head. So I walked up to this mirror and stood in front looked at this beautiful dress I was wearing, and then I looked at my head I had on a graduation hat made of gold people were nodding there heads as if to say congratulations.

Than I was back at my home, the little boy that was there asked me how do you fly. I took him by the hand we went outside I took him to what was a very special place. I flew there I could see the little boy walking the path. Than I was on the ground standing on the most perfect grass It glittered as though it had just rained. The sun was shining and the sky was the deepest blue.

So I began to run across this beautiful grass I was thinking in my heart that you can do this just believe It was a bit of a struggle as my feet kept moving I began to lift of the ground into the sky I reached up and a beautiful blackbird soared down to meet me and took something out of my hands there was also another one to my left It was amazing seeing and feeling the tug of this bird as it took from me as well as gave to me. I could her the little boy saying wow, what a sense of love and peace. I came down went over to the little boy and patted his chess and said to him you can do it just believe and have faith.

Than I was back in the house with my family gathered around me asking me questions on spiritualitylove for that gift.