Heart Stopped

I am a Mother and Grandmother, and this is my encounter with angels that I think about every day.

This happened in the second week of February 2002. Late one night while in bed asleep, I was awakened to a hand inside of my chest, gently pushing on my heart and my leg being straightened out. I opened my eyes and saw a large bright, very white light, at the side of my bed, and a smaller one at the foot of my bed.

I knew that both were "beings" and felt a calmness and peace. I looked at the white light at the foot of my bed and felt like this was a child or animal because of it's size. I then looked at the white light at the side of my bed and smiled, nothing was said but I felt like we were communicating. I went back into a peaceful sleep.

I believe that my heart had stopped beating and my Angels were there to bring me back to life. I think about this encounter everyday, and feel that there is an Angel there to watch over me.

This has been a wonderful, moving experience for me and I thank God for my many blessings.