About 6 years go my 18 year old son called from a payphone outside of Boise Idaho. He and his girlfriend had broken down at a rest stop alongside the freeway. Anyone who has lived in this area know this is no-place to be. Violent acts and even murder have been reported over the years. I grabbed my toolbox being an electronics technician for over 20 years and headed out to rescue them.

I arrived to find 2 scared but otherwise OK kids. When I got my voltage meter out to check the battery out I was surprised to see it reading over 700 volts dc and oscillating wildly. I had not connected the volt meter to anything I had just turned it on! I turned around to look into a pair of the most brilliant blue eyes I had ever seen. The man asked me if I would like to buy a battery for the car. I explained that I was not sure if that was the problem as my voltage meter had malfunctioned. He said lets put one in and test to see that fixed the problem. I was surprised to see him enter his camper and returns with the right sized battery!. We installed the battery and the car started right up, he wanted just 20.00.

I thanked him and we all went on our way. When we got home I explained our strange experience to my wife, and then got the voltmeter out to show her how it went crazy. The voltage meter worked fine and still works fine to this day. It only malfunctioned standing next to the mysterious man with the brilliant blue eyes who just happened to have the right sized battery in his camper??