Angel in a Dream

This happened around 10 years ago when i was a child. I'm currently 20 now and here's my story.

One night i started feeling really sick, and i had what i think of now would be a migraine headache mixed with terrible nausea. I went to my mother and told her I was feeling sick and that my head hurt really bad and she told me to go lay down to see if i got any better. So I lay there, nothin happening and it was getting worst and worst. So I decided for some reason to pray to god even though I wasn't a church goer or raised to be a christian or any religion in that matter. I guess I just wanted to give it try....... I forget my exact words, but I know I prayed and after words i closed my eyes to sleep.

I went to sleep very fast which I find surprising now because I can never sleep with a headache. It was a very deep sleep... Then I had a very clear, real feeling dream, I mean it felt so real. I was aware of what was going on and I could think clearly, which I rarely do in dreams.

In this dream which I remember as clear as the moment I woke up. I first saw myself surrounded by a bunch of colours, which reminded me of looking at a bottom of the ocean or lake. I remember seeing diffrent shades of green, yellow, blue, purple. All these colours were moving also, again really reminded me of a bottom of a ocean or lake.

At first I was startled, and I felt fear, i knew that this was a angel presence once i started the dream and I didn't know what to expect, that was probably what brought fear. But then I looked forward and there was a bright light far in the distance, and in the middle of the bright light was a very pretty angel angel, with its wings spread, the angel was pretty far away but i know for some reason it was a woman, it had a womans shape and i feel strongly that it is. When i saw this fear turned into interest, with a feeling of calmness. I then woke up, feeling fine, refreshed and very energetic, my nausea and headache were gone. I know that that was my guardian angel, I just did'nt expect it really for it to happen, I was very surprised.

Thanx for reading this very true story.