The Indian

Well when I was about thirteen or so we had company at my Dad's house and I had to sleep in my brother's room. That night there was a thunderstorm, with lightning and thunder which usually helps me sleep, but my brother had a hamster that liked to run in his wheel late at night and just my luck the wheel made so much noise that I was having trouble sleeping.

So I was just laying there wondering how in the world my brother could sleep through all that noise, when lighting lit up the whole room. And at the foot of the bed there stood an Indian. Just standing there. I jumped up right away and turned on the light and started to look around, I saw nothing.

I just thought I was seeing things because I was tired. I fell right to sleep after that and didn't think about that night for about a month; when all of us were sitting around the table doing our homework and my brother just stopped and asked his Mom if he could tell her something weird. I really wasn't listening to him until he said something about an Indian, then I stopped writing and stared opened mouth at him.

His Mom looked back and forth at us while we both described the same exact Indian. I don't know why we saw what we saw or if it means anything but I have heard that angels come in many forms. You see my grandfather had just passed away two days before Thanksgiving and earlier that night when I saw the Indian, I remember saying I didn't have anything to be thankful for since my Grandfather was gone. Maybe that was a message telling me that I did have many, many things to be thankful for and to remember all of them.