Kindness & Warmth

I want to tell you about an angel story that my Grandma told me happened to her. She just had her 78th birthday but she is still sharp as a tack, It took place in 1933 when she shared a bedroom with her younger sister and youngest brother, his name was Larry Franklin and he was two years old and died from a bad heart. My grandma was very heartbroken from this because she had helped my great-grandma keep him in good health. She told me it was like her first great failure in life. She told me her sister and her had been asleep in their bed, and she woke up because she just felt she needed to get up. When she looked at her little brothers crib she seen a white floating figure of a woman above his crib. I then asked her if she was scared? she replied, "No honey, because I knew it was an Angel." I asked her how she knew and she said that she felt a calm feeling come over her and she said the woman looked at her and smiled she said it made her feel warm inside and in her mind it helped her "forgive" herself for not saving him. That she understood that Larry Franklin was with the Lord and that everything would be fine. She then said the Angel just floated a bit longer then disappeared. But she never forgot the kindness and warmth she felt that night from the Angel.

Larry M. French