Be Happy

I came across this site casually, looking about some information on the angels and I'd like to tell my story. I never met them unfortunately but heard them many times but I would like to tell only 2 of them.

Once I was asleep and after a while I heard a voice telling me "Be Happy Francesca" and as the angel stopped to speak those words became energy that went throughout my body. I suddenly woke up with so much energy that I could stay awake for a whole day without being tired.

I don't know the voice but I think it was male but still not sure.

Another time happened a few days ago. I was going to work as usual by bike. I was going to cross the road without watching and I felt the urge to stop and behind me in the corner of my eye I saw a white shadow. I stopped and a car passed. If I didn't stop I don't know if I would still be here.

Thanks Angels for all your hard work. I know is not an easy task to take care of us humans but you do it wonderfully. Thanks a lot!

Francesca - Dublin - Ireland