My own story,
Few years ago I had a dream, very special one, I was in the clouds, on a bench, and saw a light, wonderful, loving light, then I heard (telepathically) God telling me not to worry about my life for I was chosen. When I woke up I felt so good, for weeks all I had to do is think about this dream and it would perk me up instantly. But after awhile I started wondering what "you are chosen" meant. For years I wondered. Slowly, I started writing down all my dreams, trying to interpret them, and information started to come in.

It was a long time before I found out in a dream why I was chosen and who I am. A very loving guide or angel, I'm not sure, came to me and said to me I was an angel. I couldn't beleive it, so he gave me more dreams and made sure I believed. I knew God was always present in every second of my life as I can always feel His presence in me, I know how much He loves me but since the day I accepted I really am an angel, this perfect peace and harmony lives within me and I try and share it with everyone. I keep having dreams but now they tell me what is expected of me (not always easy, but how rewarding). Love is the key, pure and unconditional love.

Jasmine Demers