Visions of Jesus Christ

Hello, My name is Robin. I have had encounters with Jesus Christ and The Blessed Mother. My point in posting this was to share my visions with others. To let you know that Jesus and Mary are very real and care very much for our souls! I am Methodist and have a strong faith in both Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Our Blessed Mother Mary is everyone's Mother. She is the Mother of all faiths and loves each and every one of us.

My first vision was when I woke one day. I looked over at my alarm clock and saw that I still had a minute left before the alarm was set to go off, so I closed my eyes and thought 'great, I'll get one more wink'. Then I felt sort of paralyzed and saw Jesus Christ's eyes looking at me! They were his eyes only. They were green with a hint of yellow and twice the size of a human's eyes. They were so beautiful! So full of love. I felt like he was looking at my soul. I can not say how long it lasted because it seemed that time had stopped. The next thing I know I opened my eyes and saw that my clock still had one minute left!

My next vision I had was in a dream that was like no dream I have ever had before. It felt very real. I was walking on a childhood street that I grew up near and looked up in the night sky and saw two shooting stars that looked like fire balls of energy. One was blue, the other gold. I said to myself 'I have seen this before'. Then the energies turned towards me and stopped above my head. The blue energy burst into a billion sparkling stars and formed The Blessed Mother and a white horse that she was riding! I can not explain the beauty I saw. Even the best movie company could not reproduce what I saw. Amazing Grace and Glory!

Then She turned her horse and her cape, which was made of brilliant stars, and moved so gracefully away. Then She turned into the blue energy again and shot away. As soon as that happened, I saw the gold energy burst into a billion stars and form an oval frame out of stars. Then another burst of stars appeared and formed Our Lord Jesus Christ's face within the frame of stars. He turned and looked at me! He was so beautiful! Then I woke up in shock and wrote my dream down.

I was in a dream walking up stairs to my home and saw a huge white statue of Jesus Christ standing where I park my car. He was holding a fish.

This is my favorite vision. I was dreaming and I saw a woman in a office waiting room with her legs crossed in a pant suit. She was so pretty and I thought 'wow she has such perfect teeth'. Then she gave me a big smile and the next thing you know, I was standing right next to Jesus Christ! I said, "Jesus". He was leaning on an office desk with His hand under His chin. He seemed very interested while watching a huge office meeting. The speaker could not see us. I saw so much care in His eyes for this soul that was speaking.

I looked around and saw I was in a huge office meeting room. Then I was looking at Jesus and thinking that He was so real. I could even see a vein by His right temple. He looked just like the picture I have on the main page of the site. Then I woke up and was so in shock by what I just experienced. The very next night I was watching the news and saw that President Bush bombed the Middle East. I can't remember the location though. I really feel The Lord was showing me that He is very real and my heart feels it was the beginning of the 'end times'.

Another Vision I had was not when I was sleeping. I was in a shower washing my wrist and looked at the shower tiles. Then everything slowed around me and I was being shown a movie. In the movie, I saw Jesus carrying a very heavy dark cross on His back. The wood was so dark, and the sky was dirty beige color. Then it just stopped. I was amazed at what happened .

Another vision was when I was waking up and aware of my bedroom. I knew I was waking up, but I felt paralyzed. I was shown a beautiful woman's arm pulling a curtain open. I looked out of the window and saw Jesus and I on a hill very far way. I clearly heard my voice as a child, about the age of 6, saying "Father forgive me". I then got scared because I could not believe how much it sounded just like my childhood voice. I started to wiggle my ankle trying to wake fully up. Then the mountain that Jesus and I were standing on flooded with white light. Jesus put His hand on my shoulder and I was no longer paralyzed and sat up!

One vision I was shown was shown to me 6 months before Sept 11th. I was floating above the statue of liberty she was holding a bowl of rose tops. Then to my side I saw photos from Bayside NY where The blessed Mother appeared for years to Veronica Lukeman. The photos were being pulled backward quickly. Then I saw a huge white snow capped mountain and in front of it the same mountain framed with a white butterfly covering it. I will try to explain this vision. I read a book where a saint was feeling overwhelmed and asked to boil a huge pot of potatoes. Jesus showed her the boiling pot as a pot full of rose heads just like in my vision. He told her that her sufferings were good and for her own souls growth. I was shown this in my vision because NY was going to suffer but like the saint it was for its souls growth. The pictures were to show me that it is prophecy and has to be fulfilled. The snow capped mountain shown to me meant a huge change. The framed picture of the mountain with the white butterfly meant a transformation will happen being framed. The white butterfly symbolizes transformation.

A vision shown to me a few weeks before Sept 11th was myself walking through woods a man in a white robe was in front of me. I looked over and saw a white domed building. Then I saw a male angel holding a long pole with an arrow on it in on the other hand the collar of a dog/gargoyle. He landed on the white domed building and put the dog on it and then they both turned to gold. The angel had on white it was flowing, ruffling and tied at the middle. My heart felt it was Jesus showing me he was protecting the Capital building.

Another vision I found myself looking up through a rectangle in the sky. The Blessed Mother was looking down at me. She was white bright and fair. There where baby angels flying behind her and men in white robes walking behind Her. Then I saw a wooden cross in the sky that turned into a sword. Then I woke up.

Again I saw Our Lady I was looking in the sky and then saw Our Lady as Our Lady of Mt. Carmel standing in front of a huge Earth floating in front of her. Men in white robes were busy walking behind her. This is all I remember. I was in a dream and dropped to my knees praying that God will forgive these people who were being cruel to me. I prayed from my heart saying forgive them for they do not know what they do. Then Our Lady appeared high in the room I was in and looked down at me. Then in front of me an angel much bigger then I stood in front of me and took off his shirt and covered me in it. I found myself cradled floating in a very loving dark space.

Another dream I was with a white robed man.We were blowing white balls that were stuck through a maze. I took off my and filled my coat with the balls. I stood and turned kneeling lifting up the coat of balls with so much love for Jesus my King. Jesus who was in a long off white robe not tied at the waist turned to me. He had the most beautiful eyes. Looked at me and took the coat of ball and put them to His body and they dissolved. Then I awoke still feeling the intense honor and love I felt being with my God!

I trust, and leave my will and life in His hands

With Love Robin