Not To Worry

Recently exactly 1 year ago my mother of two was having some issues (health) she was sleeping more often, had very little every, and couldn't eat. It wasn't until my father convinced my mother who was a nurse herself to go and do some tests to see what was the problem.

The very nexy day my mother was hospitilaized with extremly high levels of phospharus iron potassium protein etc. 2 weeks later my mother was discharged with severe kidney failure and forced to be on a treatment of Hemodialysis 3 days a week.

It's been one year and it feels like nothing has been the same. Ever since last year my mother and I have been having similar dreams of her dreams involving a dark hooded figure haunting her and as for myself a beautiful lady dressed in white.

It is close to Christmas and the anniversary and I've been seeing this lady more often and she keeps saying "God has taken care of it and for me not to worry". Sadly my mother hasn't had the great fortune her figure is apparently "haunting" her dreams and due to the facts we believe the figure due to the description is the grim reaper.

Last night I had a deam involving the two figures battling with each other as though they knew who each individual was..At the end of the dream the hooded figure apparently vanished.

This morning a woman approached me and I believed to be a lady in white saying "It's gone."

Name; anonymous