Search and Rescue

Several weeks ago a dog that belongs to my son became lost in a remote rural area. The dog is a golden retriever, 14 years old, deaf and partially blind. Many hours were spent searching for her without results.

Two nights after the loss I had a dream that had me beside a stream of water. There was a object floating in the water that resembled a table top or a door at which I found the dog. (In my dream) a day later I went to help search. Having this dream in the back of my mind I told my son that i wanted to search near water. There was a creek about a mile away so that is where we went.

After about a hour of walking and calling I glanced to my left and saw a large piece of wood about the size of a door partially submerged in the water. Immediately the dream flashed into my head and I said aloud "we will find the dog here". Within two minuets my son who was on a hill looking down on me yelled out, "there she is, right behind you" and sure enough, there she was, she had no injuries and was clean.

I told everyone the story but I donŐt believe that they believe me, I admit that it is strange but I will swear to anyone, anywhere that it is true. I asked a preacher friend of mine about it. He believes that this type of happening is called "precognition" which was a act of a angel passing the information along to me.

Thanks in advance.

Ron Hovis