The Dreamer

Since the age of five, I can remember dreaming about angels, Jesus, God, and demonic spirits. As a child, I dreamed that I was in heaven and these orange or bronze colored creature with wings would be standing over me singing or talking. (Who knows what they were doing). I thought I was crazy for being afraid of these creature until I began to study the Bible and realized everyone that had an encounter with an angel was afraid.

As I got old the dreams became more in dept and in detail. I can remember being in heaven looking down at the Earth and it was Hell (Hell on Earth). This represented all of the terrible things that were going on down here.

After I got saved, I had a dream that I was in a cemetery and the dead was all around me. They were reaching out trying to grab me when this man in white took me by the hand and led me out. As we reached the end of the cemetery the dead tried to pull me back and this gate fell from heaven and separated us (me from the dead).

I am still having those kind of dreams or vision to this day. Sometimes they are good and sometimes they are not