Seeing Wings

We'll I'm going to start out I'm not perfect. I listen to death metal, but I also listen to Gordon lightfoot but refuse to submit to evil. Still I observe it.

I've seen 2-3 things when I was younger, at roughly the age of 7-8. I look at these things logically and scientifically. I've had at least two occurences of seeing wings come out (sprout?) out of peoples backs. One was a man in a mechanic's parking lot, complete stranger and from what I recollect it was very profound in the way the wings stretched, completly vertical and stretched out. Another occurence occured at a good childhood friend's friend's I've known since I was small, wish I could write better but it's the truth. Anyway I saw the same type of wings sprout out of someone and I can't remember who specifically, it might have been my childhood friend. Same type of wings but this time they weren't as "developed". They didn't stretch vertically like the other persons. I might have seen one other occurence but I can't remember exactly.

To describe the wings, they were not feathery but more like skin. Flesh colored which is a little disturbing, but if I saw them out of my dear friend's back I feel comfort in that because she is a saint. Believe me, I'd still feel alot better if they were nice and feathery like the stereotypical image of angels but they weren't.

Follow my logic here because I could dismiss this as hallucinations if it wasn't for this. I TOLD NO ONE ABOUT THIS. In fact I thought it was a figment of my imagination, and dismissed it as that. Low and behold thought that my childhood friend (who I call my cousin) one day said she saw wings sprout out of my back, I remember telling her I saw the same thing sprout out of her back. We just smiled very big and were like "whoa". Why would two people see the same things?

Unfortunetly I've seen one other thing, and this was an omen or something. At least I think it was. I got mad at my mom one day real mean, and I saw a burned angel. It was black, brown and red, the only part I didnt see was it's face and I'm grateful for that. It scared me like I've never felt before. I don't know if this was a hallucination or not.

Like i've said before friend, I'm not perfect and I dont think im an Angel as most of us have come to think of them. I believe I could be a type of messenger, and I've actually already had the oportunity to relay a message as foolhardedly and faithful as I could.

Thank you,