I would like to submit a dream I had when I was a teenager.

My father had befriended an Australian man named John whose office was next to my father's. They became the best of friends and even became business partners. John eventually returned to Australia with his wife and young daughter. We learned that John had developed a serious skin cancer that had spread. He was not given much time to live and his outcome was grim.

One night, while having my normal types of dreams, it was interrupted with a visit from John. He told me that he stopped by to tell me that he was glad he had gotten to know me and that he wanted to tell me goodbye before he left. I noticed that he had wings and I had asked him if he was a guardian angel now. He laughed and said. "Something like that!" He hugged me gently and then said, "Now, I have to go because I need to go and visit your father before I leave. Be a good girl, Suzanne." I smiled and told him I would. He quickly left and my dreams resumed from where it had stopped.

The next morning, I excitedly asked my father if John had come to visit him in his dreams. He looked at me shocked and asked how I knew. I relayed my visit and conversation with John. We both knew that he had passed away and a few weeks later, we recieved a phone call from his wife confirming his death.

I am grateful to have known him and honored to call him my friend. Thank-you John for blessing me with that goodbye. I'll never forget you. Good luck and much joy to his family.

Thank-you for letting me share this dream.

Suzanne Harris