Hardesty House

When I was elementary school age, I was so excited that schools were closed on account of the snowfall the night before. My mother decided to take me to work with her and she also offered to drop my sister off at her job on the way.

My mom was driving slower than the normal speed limit and we weren't sliding on the snow covered road. That is until she tried to straighten the wheel from a turn she had just made and her car with all three of us in it headed straight for a telephone pole.

I was sitting in the backseat of this small car with my face pretty much between the two of them in their bucket seats. The center of this car's hood was positioned to hit the pole straight on. It was right in front of me!! I remember bracing my right shin under my sister's seat and grabbing with each hand to the back of their seats because we WERE going to hit this pole. I squeezed my eyes shut tight...then...nothing.

When I opened my eyes, there we were in the car, about 20 feet off the road in a cornfield. How did we miss that pole?? All 3 of us denied even feeling the car land. There was a drop from the road to the cornfield about 3 feet, but the car didn't jolt, bounce or jerk...it was as if we floated and softly landed. My mom immediately thanked an angel.

Now, this was an old Ford Escort and here we were in a wet, muddy cornfield. I was waiting to hear the words "OK Girls, get out and push". But first, my mom tried to drive. She drove right out...as if on a road. No spinning wheels, no revving the engine.

All 3 of us to this day still swear that it was an angel sent by Our Almighty Father to spare all 3 of our lives.

Thank you so much for your site for us to share our stories.