Living Room

It was my wedding anniversary and my husband and I had been up late sitting in the living room drinking wine. I had lit a candle and placed it on our coffee table to add to the romance. We had gone to bed around 1:00 in the morning and I had drunk a lot of wine, it would have taken an earthquake to wake me up. About 2:00 I had a dream, I dreamt I was lying in bed looking down the hallway, which leads into our living room.

There was a man standing at the end of the hallway looking into the living room. I could not see the part of the room he was looking at. He did not seem concerned about what he saw and I did not feel any fear about him being in my house. He stood there looking into the living room for a few seconds and than he turned to me and I heard him say (he did not speak, I heard his voice but he did not move his lips) "you better wake up now" he said this very calmly with no concern in his voice. I woke up immediately and smelled fire and saw smoke coming from the living room area.

I got out of bed and ran down the hallway. When I got to the living room I saw that the entire top of my coffee table was on fire and the flames were reaching the ceiling (I had not blown out the candle I had lit earlier). I ran to the kitchen and got a pitcher of water and dosed the coffee table putting out the fire. When I looked at the damage to the ceiling I saw that it was black from the smoke. I have no doubt it would have only taken maybe one more minute to have caught on fire. Having drunk as much wine as I had that night, it's doubtful I would have woken up if it hadn't been for the help from this stranger.