Beautiful Lady

This is just a small basic angel story. When i was 12 years old i met my guardian angel ...she was very beutifull. But when i met her i could not see her wings. i just knew it was an angel.

At the age of 12 years old i had a cold that would not go away and since i was born in Mexico somewhere i never really went to the doctor so after having this cold for several days my mother took me to a doctor and they told my mother i had a heart murmer that should be looked into. My mother really didn't think it was anything serious so when they scheduled me an appointment for an ultrasound my mother did not take me, another reason being that my father worked as a labor and we only had one vehicle.

Well needless to say a couple of days went by and a nurse came to our house and told my mother it was very important she take me to this appointment. Anyway they found a hole in the valve that carries the blood to your body, they said it was about the size of a fifty cent piece. My mother of course freaked out and cried trying not to let me see she was very worried.

Within the next few days my mother and father told my brothers and sisters not to upset me in any way. We also took one of our first vacations to Denver Colorado where we have an aunt that lives there. My mother of course discussed everything with my aunt and this is when i realized there was something wrong. My aunt asked if i wanted to return after my surgery and then started crying after i said yes.

getting to the surgery date. When i woke from the surgery i had a large tube in my mouth was hooked up to moniters and had multiple things hooked up to me. the very first time i opened my eyes there was a beautiful lady standing at the foot of my bed she didn't say anything just stood there looking at me. This angles eyes were warm and very soothing and i knew then i was going to be alright. When i opened my eyes for the second time my mother was sitting next to my bed when i asked where the lady went that was standing by my bed my mother replied there was never anyone else there besides her...... i made a quick recovery doctors and nurses were surprised.

Sonia Griego