Grabbed From Behind

I have always believed in angels because my mum was such a strong christian.

I'm 14 and she died nearly two years ago.

About a year ago my friends and I had planned a going away party for one of our friends that was moving to another town. We promised it was going to be one of the funnest days of our lives, but we were sadly mistaken.

We had gone to our 'private' beach, which we thought no-one else knew about, because it was so well hidden from the other beaches, and after sitting around for awhile we decided to go for a swim. The 'swimming area' wasnt like all the other beaches, there were lots of rocks blocking pretty much all of the ocean which made the water dirty and shallow.

After paddling around for awhile one of my friends spotted a small waterfall over near some rocks that was about 3 metres away from where we were. We decided to go 'adventuring' and take a look at it.

I have always been the cautious one and usually made sure everything is okay before everyone else ventures off, but that day i got a bad feeling but thought it was just nerves. I decided instead of checking everything was okay i'd just stay with the group and walk across with them.

The further we got in the water the more slippery the rocks underneath our feet got and me and my friend Louise* lifted our feet off the ground and held onto our friends instead of walking.

All of a sudden a huge wave came at us and Louise and I went floating away from our other friends, not realising what was going on , I looked up, laughing, to see my other friends screaming out to us as they got further and further away.

Another wave hit and I went under and smacked my back hard on the rocks below, and thats when the reality hit me. I knew i had to stop myself from getting further away and i knew swimming wouldn't help in the situation, so i turned around to see one of the last rocks, before i reached the sea, and grabbed onto it with my fingertips, i pulled myself up more so my arm was wrapped around a higher part of the rock. All along i thought I was alone but I moved my body around just in time to see Louise struggling in front of me i grabbed her arm and pulled her onto the rock with me.

My other friends had gotten safetly onto a large rock that lead all the way out to near we were. Waves started crashing over us and all i could think about was getting Louise out of the water. I helped her climb over to the rock where my other friends were , which was about a metre or two away from the rock we were on.

After she was safetly with them I started to panic and thought I was going to get sucked out to sea and never be seen again. It was too hard for me to climb across to where my other friends were because the waves had gotten bigger and stronger and the current was slowly trying to pull me out with it.

I knew i had to start saying my goodbyes because my fingers were getting wripped at and i couldnt hold on any longer. I started screaming out, telling them i loved them and that my mum (in heaven) would help them get safetly back to land, when my friends spotted a man and his wife fishing in another beach which could be seen from where i was. My friends started screaming at them to help. They stood there for a few seconds trying to figure out what was going on then the man started rushing over.

The waves had gotten bigger and I was starting to think I wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer so i took a chance and reached for my friend's hands and they pulled me behind the rock away from the waves, thoughts were rushing through my mind of how i was supposed to climb onto the rock they were on. A few seconds later I was grabbed from behind, it was the fisherman from the other beach, he carried me in and as soon as i got to the beach I knew it was a miracle. My other friend was waiting on the shore for me and we surveued the damage.

My left leg was completely black and blood was all over it, my arms had scratches on them, along with my stomach, fingers, hands and legs.

My other friends were brought out of the ocean one by one by our angel, we all knew my mum was there watching over us, and that she had sent an angel to save us. We were so lucky that the man was a great swimmer otherwise i wouldn't be writing this today.

I know that God gave him extra strength to save us. Our angel disappeared and it was like he was never there, only in our memorys and hearts we can see him. I will never forget his face. The angel that saved our lives.