A Messenger

I had this dream on the night on September 22, 1999 in my home country, Panama. In my dreams I saw this beautiful woman, with very long curled, golden hair.

I mean hair that shined like gold. Her skin was very white, and she was wearing a white robe with a golden lace around her waist. She had a beautiful face, and her voice was the sweetest thing I've ever heard before.

I knew she was an angel. She was standing right outside a door and with that sweet voice and making a movement with her hands as if showing me something, she said, "look,look who is leaving". All of the sudden I saw the face of my dearest cousin, Sonia. She looked asleep, but I clearly understood in my dream that she was dead.

I panicked and I said her name three times, like asking this angel "Sonia?!!! Sonia?!!! Then I mentally changed Sonia's face for another person and felt that by doing that I'd saved her from being dead.

On September 25, 1999, three days after my dream, Sonia died of an asthma attack at age 31. More than cousins, we were best friends and sisters.

Her death is on of the most devastating events that happened in my life. I'll remember her every day of my life and thank God for her and for sending me this Messenger.

After some period of pain and denial, that dream helped me understand that Sonia's death was His will and that she is fine and happy before His presence.