How to See Your Angel

My name is Amber and I have a friend named Carlie, and she is about two years younger then me. Well one day she invited me to her house, as we started to play a game she started to tell me about this awesome book she has. As she told me about this book she said it tells how you can see your angel face to face, while relaxing.

All you really have to do is find a quiet spot to meditate, then after two deep breathes you well come to a place you have not seen before, you'll see a person and wonder who the person is.

You'll ask the person who they are... but they won't speak, but a name well pop up in your head. After hearing the name you might finally realise I have seen this person before. After you figure out it is you angel, Gardian Angel, you can talk to it, but only you can hear him or her.