I want to submit a story, or better said a memory which may sound kind off weird coming from a 17 years old. I just want to share it with people.

My name is Jorrit and I live in the Netherlands and I have these visions. They started as daydreams but after a while it felt like memories...

I looked through the eyes of an Angel prince called Pyrolithium, called after a solar flame they called Pyrolith's. One ocurred when Pyrolithium was born. Pyrolithium had a rough childhood, being the youngest having 2 brothers. His father loathed him, because of a legend beeing told that the one with the strength of both brothers and his father would eventually be his father's own demise. When Pyro turned to have those powers The Guardian, which is what the Angelgod, or king, was called, and his two brothers Silion and Gabriel. Gabriel was wise and powerful while Silion was very quiet and alone, but had a great heart. The Guardian was the ruler of the Angel Realm, or as some call it heaven. He had powers to create and destroy. Pyrolithium was tormented by his father both mentally and pysically, but even still he loved his father.

He saw the goodness in heart, the fear in his eyes and the sorrow in his mind. His Brother's helped him as much they could but there was little they could do against their father. At Pyro's 18th birthday he protected his brother from his Father's anger. Silion had let a candle burn in the sacred library of angels setting the place on fire. Pyro took the blame, even though his father knew it was not Pyro he still tormented him and banned him from the Angel realm, cursing his own son The Guardian made Pyro a fallen Angel, with no home or family, lonely in excile...

That was the first memory, his childhood. I have more and even this in more detail but I first wanted to know what you think of this ... I do not believe in god or anything but still I do believe in angels...especially after seeing those very clear if it were my own. I feel like I am an angel ever since, and startted to think like on too... I guess it sounds kind off strange though, but still thats how I feel. I can even feel wings on my back. And about God, or the Guardian, he was indeed the creator of mankind and earth, but he does not see it in such a right way...let me continue my story to let you know what I mean..

Pyrolithium landed on Earth, a strange world with strange creatures. The World of Man was closely watched from the angel realm, some angels were even sent but still Pyro never been down before. Knowing he had no choice he walked through the woods. It was a normal forest, looked quite European with the hills and landscape which was stunning. By the looks of it it was near France.

Pyro lived in solitude, sometimes helping people with the gifts given at birth. At one day he met a girl, a human girl. Her name was Ariana. Even though his black wings and black hair were quite scary, and his ripped clothes would not make him to be the most good looking angel, she still looked at him. While normally no one could ever see him. Only those with a pure heart can look an angel in the eye, that is a though I could sense quite strong during that memory. Ariana had blue eyes, blonde long hair and was just a ordinairy girl.

Dressed like a farm girl in Medieval style. The whole landscape was Medieval. Pyro did know about the legend, which made his father so afraid. That he would eventually kill his own father, but Pyrolithium had no intension of doing so. He loved his father and would not want to harm him in any way. He tried to tell his father but he would never listen. He did not hate his father, he only felt sorry for his mistakes.

Pyro told Ariana everything that happened, swearing she would not tell her villagers. A friendship was made between the two and Ariana helped Pyro recover from wounds and illness. He even began to be more happier than he ever was.

Suddenly one day, angels appeared near Pyro, arresting him for revealing himself to humans. They were sent by his own father. The angels were dressed in uniformes with metal, looking like knights. Their wings were different colors, marking the ranks of the soldiers. They took Pyro away from Ariana, and brought him before his father. Guardian was waiting in his throne room. The Angel realm was huge, a white plain with waters, grass and clear blue sky. With white houses and a huge white castle belonging to the Guardian. The throne room was white with pillars at each side of the throne, and a red carpet leading you to the Guardian. Behind the throne there was a balcony, if you looked at the throne you could see the horizon.

The Guardian was a big man, dressed in a blue uniform with a red cape, his pearl white wings were golden and shined so bright they could make your eyes hurt.

Pyro looked at his father, wanting to know why he was doing this. The Guardian spoke of Pyro as a traitor, as one who was having an allegiance with the humans to start a war against him. Pyro tried to stop his father making these lies but he could not. The Guardian grabbed his sword which was a golden one with red emeralds for decoration and rank. Sentencing Pyro to death. Pyro wanted it to and, tears were flowing over his face for he had done everything he could.

The Guardian attacked and when he did Pyro stopped him grabbing the sword. Pyro did not know what happened, suddenly he was very powerful, his powers were regained by the will to live again. His two brothers watched, afraid to do a thing. Not wanting to feel their father's wraith. Pyro saw that in their eyes but still he could understand. They do not wish to hate their father. Just as they do not want to hate Pyro.

Pyro broke the sword with his bare hands. While Bleeding he cried out to his father why he had done this, why he had to make this happen. His father pushed Pyro away and grabbed his dagger and wanted to stab Pyro, but in a reaction of self defence he stabbed his father with the remains of the Guardian's broken sword. Pyro asked his father while holding him, taking his last breath, Guardian only answered: "I was afraid that you would be too perfect for this world." He passed away, and Pyro weeped, not because it was the end of the one god who created all but because he lost his father. His brothers both dicided to make Pyrolithium the new Angel King, The new Guardian, or the new God. He got his own angel status back, having his long blonde hair again and his pearl white wings.

These are the memories I have seen and helped me getting through rough times being lonely and afraid. I now believe that a part of Pyrolithium is always within me. I think I might be even his re-incarnated spirit. I guess I just feel that way. well I hope you enjoyed the story, it does not tell you to hate god, or to dislike him. I have learned that there are others doing even greater things but are not always shown. I don't see it as an act of god but as an act of Pyro himself.

I hope to get a reaction to this, telling me what other people think.. I really hope to hear from you soon..

Jorrit M.
17 years old