Tower Steps

My name is Mandy I live in North Wales in Great Britain. Back in 1997 I lost my father to lung cancer, I loved my father he was a very colourful character, when he was in a room with you it lit up, I miss my dad very much.

One night not long after the funeral my husband and I went to bed, now this is the part that Im not sure if I dreamt this or its real but it really felt real.

I was in bed and a very tall man woke me up, I could not see his face but he was really tall and very thin, I notice that he was wearing strange clothes, he wore a long black cloak and a very tall top hat, not like a top hat you would see at a wedding but more like a magicians hat. He introduced himself as John Paul and he told me he was taking me to see my father, all of a sudden I found myself outside I don't know where I was but I was looking up at a tower, the tower had steps that went up around and around the outside of the tower, I can remember walking up the steps and thinking if I fall the railings that went around the side of the steps would not prevent me from falling, you see I don't like heights, the chain link railings only reached my knees and what was the use of them being there.

John Paul stood at the top of the steps and opend a big wooden door, I could see the light was very bright inside and I did not feel scared or anything, it felt natural to be there with this stranger. John Paul told me he was not allowed inside but he would wait for here for me, I walked inside the tower and the room was filled with hundreds of candles all of them were lit, I saw a massive bed all in white, the funny thing about this bed was my mother was lying in the bed naked but you could not see anything as she was coverd in some sort of film, I could only make out the colour of her hair.

My dad was laying on this bed, but he was laying right across the pillows which did not look right as his feet were near my mothers head. I can remeber laughing at him as he was wearing bright blue stripey pyjamas, my dad never wore pyjamas. All of a sudden my dad said "come here I want to tell you something", with that I went around the side of the bed passed my oldest brother who was kneeling at the bottom of the bed crying. When I got to my dad he said " I did not want to go but I had to go, I love you," with that I heard my mothers voice say to me abruptly "go now" then I was back in bed, I don't remember how I got there, if this was a dream there was too many details that I remember about it, I believe that I met my Guardian Angel that night.

A few weeks later I met up with my brother and was telling him about my dream when I got to the bit about the steps in the tower he stopped me and said, "dont tell me the steps went up and around the outside of the tower," we just looked at each other as if we know but have never discussed it.

The strange thing is my other brother was not in my so called dream, but he has since died at the age of 46.

I believe we all have angels around us, we just need to tune in.