Until Last Night

by Richard Kidd

It was the first time ever, an experience like this. With an angel, and it didn't seem like a dream at all. I had awakened from a nightmare.

It felt like something had come into my bed with me and was holding me tight and was warm and wouldn't let me go.

I was struggling and telling it to leave me alone and I woke up. The feeling was very real but it didn't seem so unusual.

I went on a journey inward over eight months ago and have dreamed about demons before and dead relatives.

Ghost children, and interestingly enough, I began the journey by asking to speak to my guardian angel on a Psychic Circle board.

I thought I had spoken to all kinds of angels but found myself in a dialog with my subconscious and friendly sometimes and hostile others...no angels at all...and all this time I have never once dreamed about an angel ...until last night.....

I fell back asleep and an angel appeared of blue light and energy...almost translucent...and he didn't smile and he didn't look like what I would have expected....he had tight curls for hair and had a youthful face that seemed to be concentrating...and he lifted me up into the sky and showed me how to fly..released me and I flew on my own, using my arms...and the angel was gone....

After all I have gone through emotionally all this time (at 33 years old), today I felt like an angel did come and lift me above the stories and hurt and pain of inside and set me free.....