I'm 15 years old now, and when I was just a couple days old, I believe something saved my life. I was born with my skull not yet closed, and in the center my brain was sticking out of my head. Doctors from all over the country tried to come to this tiny hospital in Maine to help save me. There was a 90% chance that the surgery would kill me, and an 8% chance that I would be retarded/mentally disabled. That tiny 2% saved my life.

I believe not only that it was a miracle, but I believe that something; an angel perhaps saved my life. I've had many experiences with death and just for that I thank my guardian angel that I'm still alive. Have I seen her/him? No. But I've seen signs. And I'm living proof that something like that kind of force beyond the human eye exists.

Kirstin Seiler Saratoga Springs, NY