Back of the Church

When my little boy was four he asked me Mummy, why does nobody speak to the man who sits at the back of the church? We belonged to a small, friendly church so I couldn't think who he was talking about. I asked him what the man looked like. He wears all white and he sits right at the back and nobody every talks to him he replied.

My other son, when he was nine, told us that he regularly saw angels in the house. He has been raised to believe in God and supernatural power. However, I wasn't sure. I asked him what they looked like. They look a bit like flowers he replied. Do they ever speak to you? I asked. Sometimes but I don't understand them much. What do they say?

One told me he was called Feeofilus. My son has always pronounced. I realised this word was probably Theophilos. This means beloved of God and is the name of the person that the bible books of Luke and Acts are written to.