2 am Call

It was 2 am in the morning. Just 2 hours into my 11th birthday. My mother was in the hospital with terminal cancer. The phone rang. My grandmother answered. I heard her say, "so she is dying". I became numb. The knowledge that my mother was going to die on my birthday hit me like a ton of bricks. I was sitting up in bed, staring straight aheadÉtoo shocked to cryÉ too stunned to moveÉparalyzed in the darkness. I was staring straight ahead when all the sudden before me an angel appeared. The angel was dressed in an all white gown with bellowed sleeves. I know you have heard of "Michael" the Archangel and "Gabriel" (male angel's); but this angel looked female in appearance with long wavy hair. An aura was surrounding her circumference like white gold. She was all white, with a white-gold aura. She never spoke to me. She just gave me a loving look and grinned at me, then vanished. The phone rang again. My mother just died. That happened 35 years ago.

I have yet to see a person as beautiful as that angel was in appearance.