I am 16 years old and blessed with two sisters, whom I love with all my heart. My little sister is 2 years old, and was a great gift to our family. She was born 13 years after I was, despite the fact that my mom was told she could no longer have children.

I had prayed every night of my life for a little sister, and was thrilled when she was finally born. My other sister would be 19. Her name is Rochelle. She died of heart complications. Her heart has been donated to research, and now the operation that failed to save her, has a 99.99% chance that it will work. I have met people who have had that operation and are perfectly healthy today, which is hard for me knowing my big sister could still be alive, but amazing at the same time because she in a sense saved their lives.

Although this took place before I was born, I have always been strongly connected with my big sister. Some could argue that I have never even met her, but I have known her all my life. She knows me better than anyone, and I know her better than anyone. Sometimes I wonder if I'm insane, because that would probably make more sense. However, looking back I realize that every time of hardship in my life when I had no idea where to turn or what to do, she was there with me through it all.

There have also been so many personal miracles concerning her throughout our family, but I am not going to share all those. The point of this is, to make people aware angels are out there, and closer than we think. I know my sister is an angel. She is also my best friend.

Hopefully by reading this people will realize that angel encounters are not always temporary, but that some last a lifetime.