Between Worlds

Hello. I enjoy reading stories from your site. Just thought I'd share my story with you...

A few days after the 9/11 tragedy I started to feel very depressed and couldn't sleep, so I went to see a Reiki Master. During the session a message popped into my head: "We're stuck!." Without even really thinking about it, I sent the message "Go to the light and ask for God or Jesus."

Then I fell asleep and had an amazing dream--I was in a jet which had marble pillars inside it, and hanging right in the middle of the aisle was the most beautiful American flag I had ever seen-- The colors were so vibrant! I immediately woke up from the dream and had a strong feeling that some of the people who died on the jets on 9/11 were in shock and asked me for help because they were "stuck" between worlds.

I believe that the dream was their way of letting me know that everything was ok--They found their way.