My Dad

In December 2000 my dad had pasted away. I was 11 year old at that time. Not long before my dad had pasted away I had been saved by my lord and savior Jesus Christ.

My dad had went into the hospital December 25th with a major heart attack. All I can remember is praying. I prayed that my dad would be okay. That night I had a talk with Jesus he had told me that my dad would be just fine but I needed to go to the hospital and see my dad. I woke up and went to the hospital with my sister to see my dad.

While my dad was at the hospital he had another major heart attack and he was put on all these machines. My brother was already in the room with my dad and they didn't know if my dad could understand us. Next thing I knew I could hear Jesus talking to me saying he can hear you talk to him.

I can't really remember what I asked him but I could feel my dad squeeze my hand. A few days later on December 29th my dad pasted away.

About a year later I went into the hospital and was very sick they said that I would be in there for several months to a year. The next day I had a dream about my dad and he was telling me that I would be just fine. All I knew I was out in a week playing sports and having fun.

I feel as if my dad is watching me at this very moment. As my Guardian Angel. That is why I say My Dad My Guardian Angel because my dad is my Guardian Angel.

Desire B.
Age 15