Not Listening

Several years ago, I had been watching my two nephews for a week, plus had my five children at home. I was extremely tired because all the kids ranged from newborn to 8 years old. I jumped at the invitation that my mom wanted to take Nathon who at the time was 6 and Dion who was 5 for the weekend. She said her husband Daryl would be picking them up to bring them to her and we lived a hour south.

A snowstorm was happening and the roads were getting dangerous, but He had a new truck and it should have been safe. I laid down for a nap and had this dream that Daryl came to get the boy's and I smelled Whiskey on his breath so I wouldn't let him take them.

Well come 6:00 he did come to get the boy's and I was so happy to send them off to have less children, I didn't find any evidence of Daryl drinking. 45 minutes later the hospital called and told us to get up there. We found out He had been drinking and had a unexperience co- worker driving. It was a several cars crashes and police said his truck rolled about 6 times.

Daryl and the driver were all messed up with glass cuts and broken bones. Dion said Grandpa Daryl looked like a monkey flying in the air. He's a 250 pd. man.He broke the seat belt, and Nathon was on his lap without being belted.We can testify the childrens angels interviend because Nathon was found unhurt and unscratched under the cab of the car, and Dion had not one scratch on him either. Both had snow suits on thank God, because they were out there for along time waiting for help. My two babies spared, even though I was warned not to let them go.

I just thought it was a dream, I didn't know it was a warning.
God is good all the time!