Get The Job Done

By A Loving Son

In the summer of 1995 my father was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. He was advised to get his things in order. He did just that!

We were celebrating my daughter's birthday just days before the news came from my parents that my dad was diagnosed with this cancer. We immediately went to their house to be with them and we were told that he was to go to the hospital in the morning to see where and what might be done. The news the next day was worse, there was nothing that could be done. My dad is a very faith-filled person and he didn't shy away from any tribulations. This was no exception. We met with other doctors just to make sure, but the prognosis was always the same.

My dad was always a very strong man and he never was easily resigned to tragedy. He had experienced enough of it in his life, but he wasn't going to lay down and die today. But he also knew that one day he would and that it was going to be sooner that any of us had expected. Dad and mom were making plans which included purchasing a plot and other farewell arrangements. Then dad asked me, "Will you sing for my funeral?"

I was shocked, but not too much, I had sung at many family weddings and funerals in the past. Why should this be any different? I didn't have to think very long. I knew the emotions would get the best of me and that I would not be able to do a good job, so I begged off. He had planned for that, and he knew a way for me to do a good job and a way that he would be able to hear it while he was still on earth. "David, I think that you can record it, in a recording studio and then play that for the service. That way you can do a good job and we will all be very proud of you." Needless to say, he was right.

I planned with my good friend to play the piano for me and we picked some songs with my parents. Many weeks passed and I was beginning to think, 'if I don't do this then he can't go.' I guess that I had wanted to wake up and realize this was just a dream, but I wasn't going to wake up from this one.

Two weeks before my dad went to be in the heavenly choir, I was preparing to sing at one of our church member's weddings. My wife and I were getting ready, I looked in the mirror and started to cry. When I had looked up, I saw my dad looking back at me. I didn't say anything at first because I thought how silly. But one our way to the wedding I just had to share it. That's when she told me about her dream.

"You probably won't believe this, but your dad came to visit me this week." I knew that wasn't possible, he had hardly been out of the house and he was not doing very well. She then told me how she had taken a cat-nap on our living room floor, while the kids took their naps. She started to dream, and she could hear the front door open wide, and footsteps, even the distinct sound of my dad's polio steps on the entry. She felt something brush past her, and she tried to get up, to offer him some cookies, which he loved, and some coffee. "I was unable to get up, it was like I weighed a million pounds," she said.

Then he asked her, "Has David made that tape yet?"

"No," She had heard her own reply, but knew that her mouth was not moving.

"Better get him to that, don't you thing?"

Then she felt him brush past her again and go down and out the front door.

"David, I know it sound crazy, but there was an angel that delivered that message for your dad. I know he couldn't do it yet, but I know that angels can and do speak to us in our dreams." She said. "You've got to make that tape soon, he's waiting for you to get the job done."

I knew that she was right and as we both started to cry and share our stories of the weeks visits from my dad, we also began to laugh. We knew that my vision was a preparation from God, so that I would be able to accept her story and know it for true. Well, on the following Tuesday night I made the tape. My dad and I listened to it together on Thursday night. One week later on Saturday at noon, he told my mom that he loved her and he closed his eyes and went home.

It is important to tell you that during my childhood my dad was the singer at family events, it was now becoming my turn and I did my share, but the best job I ever have done is singing praises, because I know that dad is singing with me and he's singing them directly to Jesus and that he is saving a place for me in the choir.