More Than Ever

Here is one of my awesome "True" stories about Angels...

What I am about to tell you all, I have not told anyone. This happened three years ago when I entered a "Safeway" store in Coos Bay, Oregon.

I was at a checkout stand and I glanced over my shoulder to see a "BEAUTIFUL" angel in my midst. Fully dressed in a white robe with gold surrounding its bottom, sleeves and around the collar. This happened to me for the simple reason, that today I am seeing more and more angels than ever before.

I do not wish to disclose my name at this time to the public, because of the simple fact that I am enrolled in college and taking "Criminal Justice" Associates Arts Degree and I do not wish for people to know this right now. Believing in the supernatural started with my life and death experience on July 6, 1995 at 7:35pm.

Be cautious of who is visiting you by your own bedside at night or in the daytime. I had Satan appear to me as an angel of light 3 days ago, while I was sitting working on my schoolwork on the computer. I felt his darkness and evil presence behind me, even though he showed himself to me in white and gold colors to me, I knew he was demonic. He's a liar and nothing that comes forth from his mouth is ever the truth.

Jesus Christ is the truth, the way, and the life (Jn 14:6).

Goodbye for now!
Love always,
A Christian Servant of the most high God Jesus The Christ!