I went to a private high school that was known for its wealthy students and their fast cars.

In the parking lot after school students would rev up their engines before racing out of the parking lot to show how fast their car was. One day I was walking with my friend Lisa toward another friend who was calling out to us.

I started to walk briskly in the direction of my friend when someone pushed me so hard and so strongly I almost toppled over and was furious at whom ever this was so rude to push me so hard! As I turned to yell at this person a car zoomed so fast past my face the mirror on the side of the car almost hit me I realized someone pushed me out of the way of a car going VERY fast (behind me) this car would have killed me or hurt me permanently.

Lisa was astonished that I "jumped" out of the way so fast before the car hit me she thought she was going to witness me getting hit right there and my other friend could not believe what he saw.

I know that the air did not push me out of the way of the racing car. I thank the Lord for his guardian angels here to protect and help us!