About three years ago I dreamed about an angel dressed in red that came to me and introduced them selves to me as Issy. The angel told me that Issy was not their real name and that I would soon discover their real name in time by a revelation. Issy told me that he was not happy with the path my life was taking. Then in the dream Issy took me to my past and then the future where I saw my childhood and my life in the future. When I woke up the next day I knew the dream was very important and I couldn't stop thinking about the message from the angel dressed in red. I had the revelation some months later when watching an old American movie, where I saw the name of a church Saint Isadores and knew instantly that Isadore was the angels real name.

I don't know why but I felt that I needed to find out more about this strange encounter and went to the internet to find out who Saint Isadore was. I was totally shocked when I found out that he had lived in the eighth century in Seville Spain, and was known for his work with angels. The story of Saint Isadore shows him working in the fields instead of attending church and where many angels came to him with special messages. He was known for putting people on the right path in life, exactly the words he used to me in my dream.

I then discovered that there were paintings of Saint Isadore, where he appears dressed in red wearing a bishop's mitre rather than traditional white as you expect an angel to appear to you. Most significantly, Saint Isadore's patron saint day is May the 14th the exact night that the dream took place and that he is the PATRON SAINT OF THE INTERNET! Because of the work he performed in communications.

I had never heard of Saint Isadore before this angel experience and I felt extremely privileged to have been spoken to. It is truly significant that I investigated Saint Isadore and his unique relationships with angels on the internet given his status in the internet world. Since then I have had many angel experiences but I have never been in contact with Issy again.