A Touch

had an encounter with an angel years ago when I was 14. I was not having a happy childhood and was living from house to house with my parent's who was divorced.

I was staring up at the ceiling talking to God while I was in the bed and wanted to know if he was really real and if He was truly there to give me a sign.

As I closed my eyes I began to cry and I then felt a hand touch me on my shoulder. I jumped up to see if it was my sister since she was sleeping in the same room with me, but see was sound asleep.  I looked all around to see if there was anyone there but couldn't find anyone.  I got back into the bed and  as I looked out of my bedroom window I saw a white cloud like figure float away with a brightness that was so tranquil.

I will never forget that touch and have always thought about that it when things don't go good to remember that God is REAL.