As a teenager I was laying in my mom's bed, taking a nap, all of a sudden my body was falling in this large cylindrical hole with lights on both ends I was falling so fast, I screamed for god to help me. All of a sudden my body was suspended, and a voice out of the light said " my son what is it you want" I said all I want is for you to stay by me, I am really scared. "He said " I shall never forsake you. You shalt not forsake me" I said "I can't see you"?

He said "if you have the faith of a mustard seed you will move any mountain for me. Go forth and be an instrument for me." Just then my eldest sister woke me up and said I was screaming so loud she heard me from outside and came running in to help me. She said it was difficult waking me up. I have often thought that God gave me another chance, I was going to the great beyond, and he let me have one more chance.