I Truely Believe

These are true events that have happened to me regarding dreams which I truely believe are messages from my late husband. I would like to share a few among your readers. I am not a religious person. The only things I have done associated with God is attended Sunday School when very young ( maybe 6 months ) and read bible stories. I never believed in the after life until now.

I Truely Believe.

I lost my husband in November, 2000. He was 44 and was on Dialysis for four years. I have had a few dreams which I believe are messages from my dear husband which have helped me in some ways to cope with his death. Before he died, he used to email me at work, telling me about his day etc.. He spent alot of time on the computer, mostly playing Solitare and emailing me. We used to talk about his death as he was told he had two years to live after being diagnosed with Multiple Myaloma and Kidney Failure in 1996. ( So he lived for four years ) I used to tell him when he got to the other side of the world, to keep emailing me, to stay in touch with me. I believe he does through the horoscopes I have emailed to me each day. Alot of the messages tell me things that I should and shouldn't be doing.

My first dream happened when I felt I could no longer handle the death of my husband. I cried and cried for him day after day. About 3 months after his death, I dreamt we were together, walking hand in hand down a country road. White houses were lined at the top of a hill, I think we were looking to purchase a house. He had his long gingery hair back ( he lost most of his hair and it went grey while he was ill ) and looked like the person I met 16 years before. He needed to go to the toilet and as there were none around we went behind a tree. I watched him pee and clear water just gushed out of him like a flowing river then he looked at me and smiled. I awoke and interpreted this as my husband telling me that he is fine and well. Being on dialysis, he could not urinate. In my dream he did.

Another dream I had, I think he was trying to make me angry with him. Trying to make me forget him and to get on with my life. I dreamt he was with another woman which just so happened to be his ex. I was very angry with him when I awoke. I think he was telling me to stop doing the stupid things I was doing and to get on with life. I needed to forget him so I could wake up to the reality of life at present. Another dream, I dreamt I was standing on a bank with friends. My husband was at the bottom near a stream and was smiling and waving goodbye to me. I ran down to him and didn't know whether to touch him or not as I knew he had died. I did anyway and we embraced in a hug. None of my friends could see him, only me.

With this dream, I think he was telling me that it was time for both of us to let go so he could do what he now has to do as one of Gods angels and I had to let go so I could get on with life and to look after our two sons, guide and love them as he did. After 10 months of mourning I went out with a guy and wondered what my husband thought of me. A week later, I dreamt I had died and started floating up to the heavens accompanied by an angel. My husband was there waiting for me. We hugged and floated off together looking down on my funeral.

So with this dream I interpreted that no matter what I do down here on this earth, when it is my time to leave, my husband will be up there waiting for me. Ever since the death of my husband, I have looked at life differently now. I miss my husband so much but I know that I am still needed here for guidance for my two wonderful boys. I feel when my husband thinks they can fend for themselves, he will ask the good man upstairs for permission to come and get me.

Through this email, I would just like to say: "I miss and still love you deeply Dickie. Please forgive me for any wrong doings that I have or may do. I long to see you once again and when we do, it will be for keeps." And to the dear lord: "Please forgive me for all the bad things I have done, guide me in the right direction as with my boys and to watch over our families.

Thank you." Conceita Koperu - Australia