Dream Angel

I was so excited and emotional when I read Addrienne's account of angel/imaginary friend coming to her when she slept. I do not know why it made me want to look up stuff on the internet about it. I was 3 or 4 I am now 28 and mine was a ten year old boy Johnny He was dressed like he was from the 1800's with trousers and suspenders and had black hair.

We used to play in my dreams and he would tell me about stuff and tell me to be careful. I knew I was not dreaming all this My twin sister never had this experience but she knew about Johnny since we were kids because I felt such love and knew there was a God (no one else told me because our mom was not a practicing Catholic.

He left when I was 6 shortly after I was molested but told me he was there I remember someone that looked exactly like him but evil grabbing him. I once had a hallucination that a hand was trying to grab me to take me.

I have been haunted with nightmares but I say the lords prayer in my dreams and it helps. I miss Johnny and sometimes think I am crazy but I am very glad to have had this experience because I know I am going to be ok and am looking forward to seeing him once I pass on.