Mum and Grandad Are With Me

When I was twelve my mum did of breast cancer. In the weeks following her death my mum came to me in dreams reassuring me that she was having fun. My mum told me that she was dancing in heaven with her friends. It gave me peace of mind.

Quite often I sense my mum with me. I can smell her perfume and feel her giving me a hug. I got married this year the day before my wedding was cold and wet; I went to the grave where my mum and grandad are buried and asked them to speak to who ever it was who dished out the weather because I wouldn't speak to them again if the weather wasn't good - I was laughing.

On my wedding morning I woke up and the weather was fantastic not a cloud in the sky and it was hot. As I stood at the altar just after I said my vows I felt a calmness pass over me, the left side of me felt a rush of cold then I felt my mum's hand touch my arm; I knew she was with me. I must tell you that the day after my wedding was freezing cold and rained all day.

Before having my daughter I had two miscarriages so I was frightened during my third pregnancy. Everything was going ok and I didn't know what the sex of my baby would be; then five weeks before my due date my grandad came to me in a dream. He was holding a beautiful little girl with black hair she tiny my grandad was smiling - I was wearing a hospital gown and told him her name is Ciara Jade. Grandad told me not to worry and he was looking after us. The next day I gave birth to the little girl that my grandad was holding, Ciara Jade, she was poorly and in neonatal for a week but I knew my grandad and my mum were looking after us.